ICICI Lombard offers covid-19 benefits in health policies

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd has added covid-19-specific benefits and features to their existing health insurance plans. All existing and new policyholders of ICICI Lombard General Insurance’s Complete Health Insurance, Health Booster, group policies, and Health Care Plus will have the new benefits at no extra cost. ICICI Lombard has reduced the waiting period to cover covid-19 from 30 days to 15 days. Moreover, in case of a hospitalization claim due to covid-19, the no-claim bonus (NCB) benefit will not get impacted. The insurer has also added the home healthcare feature to cater to policyholders who may not require hospitalization or want to avoid hospitalization in order to maintain social distancing. The home healthcare benefit will be applicable till 31 March 2021. With hospitals flooding with covid-19 patients in metros such as Mumbai and Delhi, hospitalization for someone with mild to medium symptoms may not be possible, as authorities may advise home isolation or treatment. That’s where this feature could come to your rescue. Besides covid-19 treatment, the home healthcare feature will cover the cost of treatment for all kinds of fever, acute gastroenteritis, respiratory and urinary tract infections, asthma, post-operative care, physiotherapy and wound care. However, it’ll not cover the management of co-morbid conditions, speech and behavioural therapy, treatment at OPD, unmanageable behavioural issues and neurorehabilitation.

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