ICICI Lombard Launches ‘BeFit Cover’ Digital Campaign

ICICI Lombard, one of India’s leading private insurance company, has launched #UnbelievableButTrue, a digital campaign to promote BeFit – a rider policy that provides cashless OPD and also covers physiotherapy, virtual consultations, and teleconsultation sessions through our signature IL TakeCare App and on the website along with other Health indemnity products.

The campaign will take into its ambit digital marketing films, digital and social media platforms. To refute the idea that insurance is only useful when you or a member of your family is hospitalised, or that insurance only covers major health expenses, the video & creatives highlight the myriad benefits of BeFit, which include virtual medical consultations, pharmacy expenses, physiotherapy sessions, diagnostic services, and even wellness and preventive care.

Commenting at the launch, Sheena Kapoor, Head – Marketing, Corporate Communication and CSR, ICICI Lombard, said, “Customer centricity forms the core of all activities at ICICI Lombard, and it is this ethos that we want to echo via our new digital campaign featuring the BeFit cover with cashless OPD benefits. The pandemic has elevated the importance of telemedicine and home healthcare services. The films are quirky, witty and successfully emphasise the #UnbelievableButTrue aspect of the cover.”

The videos, which have been released on the all our social media platforms depicts slice of life situations and how the protagonists discover the incredible array of benefits and coverages that come with ICICI Lombard BeFit’s cashless service, bringing the #UnbelievableButTrue element to life.

Speaking about the campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy India, Talha Bin Mohsin & Mahesh Parab Executive Creative Directors said, “For an insurance provider to go down to the very basics of healthcare and provide such a comprehensive healthcare cover is unheard of. When we add the cashless aspect to that, it makes the offering even more commendable. Undoubtedly, the campaign would need to convey the magnanimity of an offering like BeFit Cover. We knew the reactions it would draw from the Indian masses were going to be massive. And with that, we didn’t have to look very far to get inspiration for our #UnbelievableButTrue campaign.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted people’s perceptions of general medical infrastructure and healthcare processes. Online doctor consultations increased by 30% in India, according to a report. However, most insurance plans continue focus on in-patient costs, completely overlooking the fact that majority of the medical expenses are out-patient, such as pharmacy bills, clinical consultations, and diagnostic centre visits. Amid the pandemic, and beyond, outpatient healthcare is being perceived and delivered differently. In order to keep pace with this new normal, the BeFit cover has been tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of clients and is completely cashless.

ICICI Lombard, among other companies, delivers end-to-end wellness solutions to its valued consumers through its insurance products. As excellent health and immunity take centre stage, this one-of-a-kind solution will come in handy and become more relevant than ever. The #UnbelievableButTrue campaign will be broadcasted on the internet, social media platforms, as well as radio channels.

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