How buying a home from Tata OHS is different from regular property shopping

In the past few years, property rates have increased drastically. It has become difficult for middle-class families to own a house. Various finance companies have launched home loan policies. These allow families to buy their own house by taking a loan from these finance companies. Repayment is in equated monthly instalments (EMIs) for the tenure of the loan. These companies charge interest on such loans.The rate of interest varies among various finance companies.


To buy a home, you must either hire a broker or search for the property online. The next step is to search for loan options to suit your budget. The entire process is hectic and time-consuming. Tata Capital has a solution to this problem. The finance company has launched the Tata Capital Online Home Store.Here, you can find all facilities for buying a home and applying for a loan under one roof.


Shopping for homes on the Tata platform v/s regular property shopping


1.   Browsing different properties: While searching for properties, you can hire a broker.With the broker,you can visit different properties before making a final choice. This is very time-consuming.It is also costly,as the broker’s commission adds to the cost of the property.Searching for properties on the Tata Capital Online Home Store is much easier. It takes less time and is cheaper. You could search for property based on different parameters.These could include location, carpet area, and budget, among others.You could also apply for a loan on the same platform.

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2.   Short-listing your options: A key feature of the Tata Capital Online Home Store is that you can select and compare different properties. This helps you to look out for the best options. It also helps you to complete the process faster. Short-listing properties through regular property shopping takes longer and can be hectic.

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3.   Properties verified legally:The biggest benefit of the Tata Capital Online Home Store is that the properties displayed on the website are legally verified. So, you need not panic about legal matters.There is also no need to get a valuation of the property done for a home loan.The valuation is already complete for the properties listed on the Tata Capital Online Home Store. But getting legal verification for properties is difficult when you take the regular route. Doing the valuation when applying for a home loan is also a hassle.


4.   Home loans: Once you finalise the property, you can apply for a home loan through the Tata Capital Online Home Store. This saves time and energy. With regular property shopping, you would spend a lot of time searching for home loans.


5.   Customer service:The Tata Capital Online Home Store provides 24×7 customer service.This should make your home shopping smooth and easy. But customer service may not be up to the mark if you buy property in the regular way. The broker might not respond to clients when needed.


6.   Help for NRIs: The Tata Capital Online Home Store helps non-resident Indians (NRIs) to buy properties in India. NRIs simply need to provide the relevant documents. They also do not need to be present in India to buy the property. Tata Capital will provide all the support needed.


Indeed, the Tata Capital Online Home Store makes it easy to buy property.It provides the facility to buy homes and get home loans.It also ensures that the transactions are complete, safe, and trustworthy. Besides, people can find a house within their budget and, that too, quickly.

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