Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has announced the launch of its leading remote monitoring solution, Honeywell MAXPRO® Cloud Alarm Monitor in India. A first-of-its kind solution that integrates intrusion and closed-circuit televisions sub-systems, MAXPRO Cloud Alarm Monitor is a cloud-based platform that enables powerful remote monitoring and real-time response across multiple sites.

Honeywell MAXPRO® Cloud Alarm Monitor is an integrated, easy-to-install, and cost-effective solution that brings together intrusion alarm monitoring, video verification, and bi-directional audio communication on to a simple, scalable and secure platform. It allows users to view alarms and video feed from their sites anytime, anywhere, using a virtual private network (VPN) based secure internet connection. It avoids redundancy with greater service uptime.

The solution’s scalability makes it useful for a wide range of multi-site applications, such as a domestic bank securing ATMs and branches across the country, or a multi-site franchise protecting its facilities against theft or vandalism. The system provides real-time surveillance of premises enabling efficient operations, profitability, and peace of mind. With its simple and easy-to-use interface for what are otherwise complex operations, the system offers a seamless experience with a standardized interface.

“Designed to address today’s increasing security and safety challenges, MAXPRO Cloud Alarm Monitor is uniquely positioned to offer instant alarm monitoring and video verification through one seamless interface, providing a true end-to-end “Connected Building” solution”, said Sharad Yadav, general manager, Honeywell Security and Fire, India. “It is ideal for franchise owners or facility managers who manage the security of multiple sites spread across a large area. It enables central monitoring system (CMS) stations with real-time intrusion alarm monitoring, video verification, and bi-directional audio communication, without the need for an on-premise software or advanced IT infrastructure.”
Unique features of MAXPRO Cloud Alarm Monitor include:

1. Plug and Play

o Easy to install and faster set-up at sites.

o Provides security and site analytics for round-the-clock assessment of risk levels for all sites.

o Preventive maintenance helps CMS operators anticipate system downtime.


2. Scalable, Modular, Customizable

o Scalable to support thousands of sites, MAXPRO Cloud Alarm Monitor grows with the business.

o Ability to extend the platform with add-on features for energy, fire, and access control with minimal incremental cost.

o Flexibility to produce customized self-generated reports for an unbiased view of the health and security of sites.


3. Quality Support

o System compatibility with other Honeywell hardware ensures hassle-free integration.

o Timely local support to ensure uninterrupted service.

o Robust hardware and platform for lower downtime and false alarms.


Honeywell has the widest security and fire portfolio of products and solutions to meet the safety, security, and fire protection needs of its customers worldwide.

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