Health Plus from Aviva Life Insurance Co. Ltd


Aviva Health Plus is a comprehensive health cum savings plan that covers you against death and ill health while guaranteeing the return of a part of the premium on maturity through:

Provision of a Life Cover (Sum Assured) on death and disability

Protection against 18 critical illnesses

 A combined benefit of more than Rs 21 lakh, in case all health benefits are claimed

 Extended death and disability cover for 5 years after the health benefits cease

 Guaranteed maturity benefit on the date of maturity, even if all health benefits are claimed.


 Entry Age: 18 to 55 years (last birthday)

Policy Term: 10 years (maximum age at maturity is 65 years)

 Premium payment term: 5 years

Annual Premium : Rs 35,000 + Service Tax for all age groups.

Sum Assured: Rs3.5 lakh

Easy Steps to your plan:

Step 1

Decide what are your priorities for buying a Health Insurance plan – Understand the product features

Policy Term (PT) – 10 years (maximum age at maturity is 65 years)

Life Cover: Rs 3.5 lakh


 Accidental Death and Disability Benefit (ADD)(Additional payments are made in case of death or disability caused due to an accident)

 Sickness-only Total Permanent Disability(STPD) (Sum assured is paid as a lump sum in case of permanent disability due to an accident)

 Critical Illness benefit (sum assured is paid as a lump sum in case a person contracts a critical illness, at the end of the survival period)

 Surgical Cash benefit (Depending upon the type of surgery, a fixed percentage of the sum assured is paid out)

 Hospital Cash benefit (A fixed sum for each full day of hospitalization is paid out for treatment undergone for sickness or accidental injury.)

Step 2

Pay the premiums up to 5 years

 Annual Premium: Fixed annual premium of Rs 35,000 for all age groups

Premium payment term: 5 years

Step 3

Enjoy the benefits

 Life cover up to 10 policy years

 The option of cashless administration of claims

 What am I going to get?

Death Benefit: Full life cover is payable, irrespective of the health benefits already paid. The policy stands terminated after the death benefits are paid.

Maturity Benefits: At maturity, you receive a guaranteed maturity benefit, depending upon your age at entry.

Health Benefits:

-Accidental Death and Disability Benefit (ADD)

-Sickness-only Total Permanent Disability

-Critical Illness benefit

-Surgical Cash benefit

-Hospital Cash benefit

Tax Benefits: The policy offers Tax benefits under Section 80D, Section 80C and Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax laws are subject to change. 

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