GigIndia to provide Rs. 3 lakh insurance cover to active gig workers

GigIndia has recently announced that it will provide free COVID-19 health insurance to its active gig workers covering up to Rs. 3 lakh of medical expenses.

Considering the adverse financial impact of COVID-19 on its gigger families, the company in a release stated that it is offering this insurance to active gig workers to make them feel relatively secure during these challenging times.The company is initiating efforts to ensure certified giggers on its platform continue receiving gigs (projects), thereby enabling a steady monthly income, it added.

Sahil Sharma, Co-founder & CEO, GigIndia, commented, “The COVID Health Insurance will ensure that medical costs are covered if any gig worker tests positive for COVID-19. We are also providing financial assistance to gig workers, which will help them with essential expenditure such as hospital charges, oxygen cylinders and ventilators, among others.”

Sharma also said that Rs. 3 lakh COVID-19 health insurance will be given to thousands of active giggers on the company’s platform. In addition, the company has also set up an internal Rs. 10 lakh COVID relief fund for gig workers in need.

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