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It is common to see motorists stranded on the roadside, owing to a flat tire, dry fuel tank or even a mechanical breakdown. All of us have heard of situations where people forget to remove their car keys, locking themselves out. Consider a situation where your spouse or teenaged child is driving home late, and is unable to replace a punctured tire. All this can lead to very unpleasant experiences. A vehicle breakdown involves much hassle, not to mention the risks involved in leaving the car unattended while one organizes for help.

In long distance travel, if your car breaks down you could find yourself stranded in a remote spot without access to a mechanic. In such a situation, a comprehensive motor insurance policy which also provides roadside assistance can be very handy. Insurance companies provide a host of benefits under roadside assistance.

Says Mr. Arun Balakrishnan, CEO,, “Insurers provide various benefits as part of roadside assistance. For instance, towing facility to the nearest garage in case of a breakdown, assistance for changing a flat tire, transport of occupants through a hired cab are some of the most common facilities that motorists look for. Some of these are particularly useful for women and elderly drivers. The insured can simply call up the insurer and quote his policy details to avail such benefits.”

“In case one`s car keys are lost or locked inside the vehicle, one can ask for pick-up of spare keys or even replacement of the same. If your vehicle runs out of fuel, your insurer will provide you with fuel at the required location so that you do not have to leave your car unattended and look for a petrol station.” adds Mr. Balakrishnan

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, accommodation benefits are another element of roadside assistance. If the vehicle breaks down while going on a trip, the insurer can arrange for hotel accommodation for the family members.

Other services include legal advice, minor on-site repairs, medical co-ordination etc.

Some companies provide such benefits as an add on cover at additional cost while some others like provide these as value added services along with the comprehensive motor insurance cover.

So, ensure you have roadside assistance for peace of mind while driving.

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