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We are giving hereunder various useful links where you can download PowerPoint presentations, PDF Files and links to articles, features that may be useful to you. The contents of the articles/PPT given below are the respective copyright of the authors/owners. If you want to suggest any link which we may include here, please mail us at [email protected]
General Insurance 1. Presentation on Micro Insurance 2. Livestock Insurance in India 3. Distribution of Micro Insurance Products in India 4. Regulatory need for Investment in the Insurance sector – Powerpoint 5. Micro-insurance  Livelihood needs of the poor – Powerpoint 6. Insurance – General Concepts – PowerPoint 7. Trade Credit Insurance – Press Release IRDA 8. IRDA Annual Report 2009-10 9. Reinsurance Theory and Practice 10. History of Insurance and Concepts 11. Risk Management Research – PDF File 12. Insurance, Reinsurance, and Macroprudential Surveillance: Exploring Conceptual Issues and Current Practices 13. Financing Large Risks New Challenges for Insurance, Reinsurance, and Securitisation 14. Changing Dynamics in Insurance Regulation (International) 15. The essential guide to reinsurance: Solutions to 21st-century challenges 16. Microinsurance – risk protection for 4 billion people 17. Global insurance review 2010 and outlook 2011/12 18. Insurance Laws and Regulations in India 19. Insurance Modernisation – Demands And Approaches 20. Micro Insurance – Nabard 21. Review of Motor Insurance Premium rates for third party liability cover 22. Enhancing Profitability in tariff – Mehul Shah 23. Risks faced by Gen Insurers1 – Neha Gupta 24. Issues in Terrorism Risk Management – A Srujan 25. Uncertainty in GI & Solvency Issues – PI Majmudar 26. Global Insurance Summit: Full Report of Seminar 34000 Downloads 27. Statistics of Non-Life Insurance Industry for the period 2010-11 – With complete analysis 23. General Insurance: Pricing, Profits, and Development A Relook- Powerpoint Presentation 24. General Insurance Pricing –  A Relook- Powerpoint Presentation 25. Insurance Issues & Positions – Powerpoint Presentation 26. Life insurance 2020 competing for a future – A report by PWC 27. ABC of Engineering Insurance through 3Ws – K. S. Burli, M.E.(Electrical). FIV Risk Management Consultant (Insurance) 28. Sweet Analysis – K. S. Burli, M.E.(Electrical). FIV Risk Management Consultant (Insurance) 29. Indian Non-Life Insurance Statistics 2011-2012  

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