Future Generali India has launched ‘Ab Nibhao rishtedari’ a new campaign

Relationships are the foundation of our culture. Building and maintaining relationships is predominant in India. Taking a cue from this cultural ethos of our country, Future Generali India has launched a new ‘Ab Nibhao rishtedari’ campaign, which seeks to invite prospective agents to join the growing FG family of insurance advisors. An insurance agent touches the lives of hundreds of people. Inevitably, he becomes a part of their family. A robust and growing base of active agents is a prime requisite for the health and growth of a retail life insurance company. FG’s campaign on how an FG agent builds new relations and becomes an important part of their clients’ life is based on this insight.

One of the biggest challenges facing Life insurance companies today is the recruitment and retention of productive agents. This is because, the historical stigma attached to being a Life Insurance agent, makes it less attractive as a career option, and keeps prospects from applying and taking up a career agency.

Future Generali’s new campaign aims at showcasing FG agent-advisors as relationship builders, who literally become members of their customers extended families – cueing the social and financial success that this strength of relationships makes possible.

The campaign is unique in that it does four things seamlessly
1) It demonstrates the benefits of becoming an FG agent
2) It gives customers reasons to trust in & buy from an FG agent
3) It communicates that FG is aggressively recruiting new agents and
4) It is a natural extension of FG’s core brand idea (of our services being shaguns for the good times that help our customers “stay blessed”) because, we are now positioning the agent as the logical “human shagun” that brings joy and happiness to the lives of those they serve” says Abraham Alapatt, Head – Marketing, Brand & Corporate Communications, Future Generali India Insurance Co. Ltd.

There are two TV commercials, 2 radio commercials and 2 outdoor messages that will be aired as part of Future Generali’s ‘Ab Nibhao rishtedari’ brand campaign. These commercials will target male & female prospective agents separately.

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Executive Creative Director, O&M said “It’s as much a consumer campaign as a recruitment campaign. A Future Generali agent is a well loved member of the community because he helps insure the happiness of the community.”

“There are other equally important things besides money that influence people when it comes to choosing a perfect career. We used this very insight for our agent recruitment campaign. Our creative idea highlighted the curious dilemma faced by Future Generali insurance agents who are not just financially successful, but extremely popular too.” divulges Sukesh Nayak, Senior Creative Director, O&M

“The big Indian family gets even bigger when you become a Future Generali insurance agent. You not only make money but build new relations as a Future Generali agent.” says Heeral Akhaury, Senior Creative Director, O&M.

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