Former UIIC Director, Asha Nair, joins the Board of Directors at Remedinet Technologies

The health insurance sector in India today is at a very critical juncture where changes and movements in various key areas are pushing the government and the regulator to act fast. State governments and the government at the center, as well as the IRDAI and other government bodies in the insurance sector are implementing schemes and policies to ensure more and more Indians are insured. In view of this, those with technology expertise are ensuring that the requisite back-end infrastructure is available to ensure that high-volume healthcare services can run on nimble and scalable platforms.


In this endeavor, Bengaluru-based Remedinet Technologies is consistently innovating and evolving to ensure that cashless health insurance policyholders benefit from a transparent, real-time and reliable claims exchange process. To continue on this road and achieve higher growth, Remedinet has brought on their board Ms. Asha Nair as an independent Director who comes with a treasure chest of knowledge on implementing and successfully running health insurance policies. She joined the insurance industry in 1980 as a Direct Recruit Officer at the New India Assurance Company (NIA) and went on to become the first woman GM there and later at United India Insurance Co. Ltd (UIIC) as well.


Other notable achievements of her include rolling out the first comprehensive insurance software, Genisys, in Delhi Region of New India in 1998. As the General Manager (IT), she launched the centralized Insurance Software for New India called CWISS, which comprised of integrated software for insurance, accounting, customer relationship management, and human resource management. Additionally, she also supervised the foreign operations of the Company, which had offices in more than 12 countries including UK, Japan and Australia.


“When it comes to healthcare, insurance is the only aspect one can control, plan and prepare for in advance. No illness or accident comes knocking on your door. Thus, it is only pertinent that a service that can reduce the financial burden of healthcare-related expenditures be built in such a way that it benefits the entire ecosystem. For this, it is essential that the technology infrastructure running it be well oiled – so robust, transparent, reliable, and scalable that it is easy to adopt and easy to use. I have thus, joined Remedinet to further the cause of health insurance in India and perfect the technology that supports it.” said Nair.


In 2010, she joined UIIC as the General Manager and later became the Director in 2012. She handled various departments at UIIC, the most significant being Health and IT where, she handled the implementation of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, which is running very successfully since 2012.


“We are extremely pleased to have her on our panel of Directors and we believe that the tremendous hands-on experience she brings on board will help us to develop the next generation technology solutions that will boost the delivery of health insurance and benefit the ecosystem as a whole.” – Munish Daga, CEO at Remedinet Technologies.


Ms. Asha Nair retired from UIIC in 2015 and is also, the member of FICCI’s health insurance committee and, a fellow of the Insurance Institute of India. She has an Economics (Hons) degree from Lady Shriram College, Delhi and a Masters in Social Work from Delhi School of Social Work. In her free time she likes to travel, read and listen to music and she loves addressing audiences across the country on the importance of health insurance.

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