Ekincare with Bharti AXA General Insurance launches fitness app & portal

Ekincare, a healthtech startup, has recently announced its collaboration with Bharti AXA General Insurance to launch a fitness app and portal, Bharti AXA Wellness Cupp aiming to motivate its users to lead a healthy life.

This wellness app and portal will help the customers keep a track of their daily fitness levels, manage dependents, provide personalised content and have active challenges to participate in. It will also provide them with their health scores and reward points, which customers can collect and redeem for a reduced insurance premium at the end of the year.

Kiran Kalakuntla, CEO & Founder, Ekincare, remarked, “Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in uptake of health insurance premiums among customers under the age of 35 years. However, it continues to be a discretionary purchase among the younger population as they tend to undermine health risks and foresee limited need for hospitalisation. By working with health-insurance companies to offer our AI driven platform, we can help young India to understand the importance of having health insurance.”

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