Education Plan from Reliance Life Insurance

Reliance Education Plan is a non-linked, non-participating, specialist child insurance plan that provides assured payouts for financing a child’s education and securing their future. The plan helps parents to save for child’s career milestones and provide them with the security of future income. Reliance Education Plan provides four maturity payout options that can be chosen based on the child’s financial needs for education options. It also provides flexible options in case of death benefit payouts – full lump sum amount payable on death or 50 per cent lump sum followed by annual income for 10 years.


Why to buy the plan:

  • Be 100% confident about your child’s future.
  • Allow your children to choose their own destiny.
  • Choose a specialist plan as per your child’s future needs.
  • Protect your child’s future even in your absence.
  • Plan never to compromise on your child’s development.



  • Guaranteed achievement of your child’s future dream: Receive guaranteed benefits at maturity of the policy, even in your absence.


  • Choose your benefit Payout Option 
      • Self Starter: A single lump sum for your child’s ambition.
      • Post Graduation Degree: 2 annual payouts for your child’s post-graduation.
      • Professional Degree: 4 annual payouts for your child’s professional degree.
      • Career Starter: 5 annual payouts to fund your child’s higher education and provide a career launch pad.


  • Protect your child’s future even in your absence 
      • Choose between two Death Benefit options: 


  • Option I – 100% of Death Benefit as an immediate lump sum on death.


  • Option II – 50% of Death Benefit as a lump sum on death and remaining as an income for next 10 years.
      • On death, all future premiums are waived and the plan benefits continue.
      • Enhance your protection coverage through riders at a minimal cost.


  • Pay as you like: Choose how long you want to pay – 5, 7, 10 years or Regular Premium.


  • Liquidity: Avail loan facility to meet unforeseen needs. 


  • Tax benefits: Avail tax benefits, as per the applicable income tax laws.

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