Edelweiss General Insurance to provide coverage to quarantined patients under Covid-19 policy

In a recent move, Edelweiss General Insurance said that the company’s COVID-19 policy will be providing coverage to the quarantined patients in specified government facilities. “We have decided to cover hospitalization for not only those who have a confirmed diagnosis but also those who have been quarantined in specific facilities identified by the government. The coverage amount is up to the sum insured under the policy. For the quarantined patients, the health policy ensures coverage for the entire period of quarantine with up to 100 percent of the claim amount being paid against quarantine and detection charges,” Edelweiss General Insurance said. Edelweiss health Insurance will help quarantined patients with domiciliary hospitalization support in case the patients are unable to reach the hospital during the quarantine period. It further stated that the patients can visit any nearby hospital for immediate treatment and expenses will be reimbursed. To avail of the cashless benefits, patients are requested to visit EGI’s network hospital with their TPA card for any medical assistance. This approval will be applicable, both for Edelweiss health insurance and Edelweiss group health insurance policies, it stated further.

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