Documents list in case of under construction building

Purchasing a property is exciting but at the same time, action with caution is always required. In today’s atmosphere, it is a known fact the construction is taking place everywhere and the worry is about their legality. Many times construction takes place on agricultural land and at a later date demolition team comes up and the amount spent goes waste. So, the list is as given below:

  1. Sale deed – This is the first document which has to be verified where we can understand the seller has got the complete authority to sell or not.

  2. RTC extracts – This document gives details of survey number and history of the property. This is essential because before purchasing we should know who has sold to whom, when, and whether the property is agricultural or non-agricultural. If an agricultural land was converted, then whether or not all the required permissions were taken by concerned authorities of the local municipal body.  

  3. Description of property – This is also called Khata where it indicates the entry in local municipal office and it indicates that property purchased is as per plan. It can be acquired from Assistant Revenue Officer.

  4. Mutation extracts – This can be acquired from Tahsildar office and it gives details of inheritance of property.

  5. Development agreement – Many times the land owner and the builder make an agreement for developing the land jointly and before purchase, it should be ensured that the same is verified.

  6. Power of attorney- It is the authority given by a person to act on his behalf so this document can give a proof that the seller has got authority to sell the same.

  7. Building sanction plan – This document is given by the government authorities that the verification has been done and authority is given to construct the building on the stated property.

  8. No Objection Certificate – This should be taken from all requisite authorities so that after construction there shall not be problems to get amenities.

  9. Allotment letter – This letter is given by the builder giving details of the building amounts paid and balance amounts. On the basis of this letter, the loan amount is sanctioned by bankers.

  10. Sale agreement between builder and 1st owner – This document gives details of the period of construction such as when and how much of the construction is going to be completed. Same is the case of the construction agreement.

  11. Completion date letter – This document gives the details of the anticipated date of completion.

  12. Payment receipt – When amounts are paid collecting receipts is a must. This avoids future complications related to payment.

  13. Documents – While taking loans the original documents are to be submitted to bankers.

  14. Sale documents – This is prepared by parties in the contract. All details regarding payments are mentioned here.

  15. Government payments – All payments to the government departments have to be paid by the builder before they hand over the property for possession. This should be in regard to property tax as well as all other taxes due.

  16. Completion certificate – Once the construction is completed, the Municipal authorities will conduct a round of inspection. A completion certificate will be issued on account of a satisfactory inspection.

  17. Occupancy certificate – After the municipal authorities are satisfied they issue an occupancy certificate. Once this is done, the purchaser can start residing in the flat.

  18. NOC from society- This is a very important document while purchasing a flat as this is a certificate that proves all dues have been cleared.

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