District forum asks insurance company to pay Rs5 lakh

District consumer forum asked Golden Trust Financial Services to pay the sum assured of Rs5,00,000 to one Sumi Tank with interest at the rate of 6 per cent for deficiency in service.

The respondent company, whose headquarters is in Kolkata, provides various services including insurance scheme.

Complainant Sumi’s husband took the ‘group janta personal accident insurance policy’ for Rs5,00,000 with the respondent company.

After her husband died in an accident, she claimed the amount before the respondent company and also submitted the asked documents.

In response, the company said that they provide the insurance scheme through National Insurance Company limited, Raipur branch.

They also said that they have sent a document to the National Insurance Company and will settle the claim soon. But even after 18 months, they had not.

Finally, she filed a complaint before the forum where the respondent company defended that saying that they have forwarded the matter to the National Insurance Company.

Respondent also said that they are not responsible for the claim.

National Insurance Company defended saying that complainant had not submitted the details of deceased’s income therefore as per the rules they were liable to pay only Rs2,00,000.

After investigating the case and having heard both the parties, the forum said that the complainant deserve the sum assured of Rs5 lakh and asked Golden Trust Financial Services to pay the sum assured along with interest.

Apart from this, the district consumer forum also directed the Golden Trust Financial Services to pay Rs10,000 for mental agony and Rs3,000 as litigation charges.


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