Despite challenges 68 pc healthcare workers prefer to continue in sector: Report

Even as the burnout rate is high following the pandemic, 68 per cent of the healthcare workers said they would prefer continuing to work in the sector as it represents a respectable and stable career, according to a survey.

Despite COVID-19 challenges, 68 per cent of respondents indicated a continued preference to work in the sector. Of which 47 per cent were with more than a decade of experience, 45 per cent of freshers and jobseekers and 51 per cent of frontline workers, doctors, expressed a strong affinity for the sector, according to “Checking the Pulse of Healthcare Workers” report by global job site Indeed.

For 83 per cent of the respondents, healthcare presented a stable, respectable career and handsome remuneration, it noted.

Almost 31 per cent were motivated by the humanitarian nature of the job and a sense of purpose, while 22 per cent considered the profession as noble and challenging, it added.

“The future looks as bright as the healthcare industry wants it to be – and it largely rests with the employers in the sector.

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