Covid deaths: State should not deny Rs. 50,000 ex-gratia, says SC

The Supreme Court said no state shall deny the ex-gratia compensation of Rs 50,000 to the next of kin of the deceased due to Covid-19 solely on the ground that death certificate does not mention the virus as the cause of death. The ex-gratia compensation is to be disbursed within 30 days from the date of submitting the application to the concerned District Disaster Management Authority/District Administration along with the proof of the death of the deceased due to Covid-19 and the cause of death being certified as “Died due to Covid-19”, the apex court said.

The amount shall be provided by the concerned states from the State Disaster Response Fund and is to be disbursed by the District Disaster Management Authority/District administration.

“No States shall deny the ex-gratia assistance of Rs 50,000 to the next of the kin of the deceased died due to Covid-19 solely on the ground that in the death certificate issued by the appropriate authority, the cause of death is not mentioned as ‘Died due to Covid-19’,” the apex court said.

The top court also said that if a family member of the deceased who committed suicide within 30 days from being diagnosed as Covid-19 positive shall also be entitled to avail the financial help/ex-gratia assistance of Rs 50,000 as granted under the SDRF in accordance with the guidelines issued by the NDMA.

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