Corporate Insurance Management – A Primer – Handy Reference book for Insurance Professionals from Sashi Publications

CALL Now for more details 09883398055 / 03340078428/429   The Insurance Times group has entered into 37 years of successful publication of journals and books on Insurance in India. The journal has a PAN India circulation and is the most popular journal on Insurance Industry in India.   The group has launched an initiative to publish various educational books pertaining to insurance industry in India for different exams conducted by Insurance Institute of India as well as exams being conducted for various courses in Insurance sector.   After opening up of the Insurance market for private players, the insurance market in India has undergone sea change. The pre liberalisation era had mostly ratified products with standard terms and conditions with not much difference in pricing of products. But the post liberalisation, scenario changed completely. As the private insurance players entered the insurance market and products were detariffed, it opened floodgates of competition and discounts stooped to a new low. The premium slowly moved from risk based pricing to competition based pricing. In this scenario it becomes imperative upon Corporate Insurance Managers to be well conversant with the various facets of Underwriting and Claims so that they get a good bargain with maximum coverage to safeguard interest of their company as well as the shareholders.   Mr Sanjiv A Shanbag, a general insurance professional having vast experience of more than 40 years in the insurance industry, ventured to prepare a concise primer as a handy reference guide for Corporate Insurance Managers. He has meticulously penned his rich experience in form of this book.   This book covers various aspects of fundamentals of Insurance, Insurance of Assets, Business Interruption Insurance, and the art of Insurance Management in Corporate Enterprises.   Corporate Insurance Management – A Primer – Handy Reference book for Insurance Professionals Examination covers following chapter   I. FUNDAMENTALS OF INSURANCE II. INSURANCE OF ASSETS – FIRE & KINDRED PERILS III. BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE – FIRE & KINDRED PERILS IV. INSURANCE MANAGEMENT IN CORPORATE ENTERPRISES   I. FUNDAMENTALS OF INSURANCE 1. The Curtain Raiser 2. Need for Insurance 3. The Contract of Insurance 4. The Subject matter of Insurance 5. Subject-matter of Insurance v/s Subject-matter of Contract of Insurance 6. The Principles of Insurance 7. Principles common to different branches of Insurance Law 8. Interpretation and Meaning of Important Insurance Terms 9. Classification of Risks in Insurance Rating 10. Basis of Insurance Rating 11. Deductibles – As a tool 12. Claims Administration 13. Health of Insurance Programme 14. Insurance Premium Financing Facility 15. Proposal Form and Insurance Policy 16. General Check-list of Insured’s Duties 17. Co-Insurance Placements 18. Reinsurance Arrangements   II. INSURANCE OF ASSETS – FIRE & KINDRED PERILS 1. Perils Covered 2. Special Policies 3. Depreciation 4. Under-Insurance/Average Clause 5. Deductible, Excess, Franchise 6. Under-Insurance vis-à-vis Higher/Multiple Deductible 7. Valuation of Fixed Assets – I 8. Valuation of Fixed Assets – II 9. Valuation of Fixed Assets – III 10. Assets Valuation Aspects (At a Glance) 11. Value of “Market Value” 12. Insurance Claims Management – Plain Talk 13. “Material Damage” Claim 14. Steps after the Loss 15. Case Studies   III. BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE – FIRE & KINDRED PERILS 1. Demand for Business Interruption Insurance 2. Business Interruption Insurance – Mercantile Form V/S Manufacturing Form 3. Business Interruption Insurance – I 4. Business Interruption Insurance – II 5. Business Interruption Insurance – III 6. Application of Terminology 7. Procedural Aspects 8. Extensions by means of Additional Perils 9. Special Policies 10. Conditions for a Valid Claim 11. Claim Aspects 12. Case Studies   IV. INSURANCE MANAGEMENT IN CORPORATE ENTERPRISES 1. Principled and Practical Approach – Corporate Enterprises 2. Procedural Aspects of Corporate Insurance 3. Facing Current Business Needs – Property Insurance 4. Facing Current Business Needs – Business Interruption Insurance 5. Glossary of Insurance Terms 6. “Glocal” (Global + Local) Insurance 7. Corporate Philosophy on Insurance – I 8. Corporate Philosophy on Insurance – II 9. A Case Study 10. Corporate Insurance Management – Reviews, Appraisals & Audits – I 11. Corporate Insurance Management – Reviews, Appraisals & Audits – II 12. Corporate Insurance Management – Reviews, Appraisals & Audits – III 13. Insurance of Capital Work-in-Progress and Additions to Fixed Assets during the currency of Financial Year 14. Insurance Needs of Corporate Enterprises 15. Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance 16. Brokers as Insurance Intermediaries 17. Meaning of “Insurance is the Subject-matter of Solicitation”   Book – Price Rs.560     Click here to buy   Book your order online Now Click here   Payment Modes for book above: 1. By Demand Draft / Payable at par cheque in favour of ‘SASHI PUBLICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED” 2. Direct ECS/deposit cash in our bank account number 402120110000327 of ‘SASHI PUBLICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, Bank of India, VVK Road Branch., Kolkata, India IFSC Code : BKID0004021 3 Deposit cheque in our bank account in your city and send us copy of Pay in slip by email / fax. 4.Make online payment at our website   For any query please contact at Sashi Publications C/o The Insurance Times 25/1, Baranashi Ghosh Street, Near Girish Park, Kolkata – 700007. 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