Claim is not payable if location is shifted



Ahmedabad Ombudsman Centre

Case No. 11/ 005 / 0045

Shri. M. S. A. Kajalwala


Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.


Award Dated 6.12.2004

Complainant held a Fire Insurance Policy before his Footwear Shop at Panigate Road,

covering Stocks and Furniture. He then shifted his Shop to another location at Mahavir

Complex. Rioters burnt out the Shop in December 2002. Complainant did not attend in




Respondent submitted that the Shop keepers’ Policy has no provision to extend

Cover to a second location under single Policy and as the loss occurred at the second

location at Mahavir Complex, the Claim is not payable. Documents and submissions

perused. It is observed that the Shopkeepers’ Policy was specifically extended to the Shop

at Panigate Road, and not elsewhere.


As regards the submission of the Complainant that

he had intimated change in location by a letter under Certificate of Posting, it is opined that

merely intimating the change in location is not enough that the Cover was extended to new



Held that the Policy had covered the Shop at Panigate Road, and as the loss was

occurred at a different location, the Respondent had no liability to pay the Claim.

Repudiation sustained  

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