Choice group launches ISMOS offering life, health and general insurance plans

Choice group has recently launched a FinTech aggregator platform – ISMOS, offering life, health and general insurance plans, intensifying competition in the field.

Suyash Patodia, Executive Director, Choice Insurance Broking,  commented, “With insurance penetration in India being just over 2%, the intuitive, interactive and tech-enabled platforms with universal reach, offers comparable quotes from multiple insurance companies that would facilitate the customer or user to make a well-informed decision keeping his risks in mind.”

Drawing a parallel with e-commerce portals like Zomato or Amazon or for that matter discount broking platforms in the financial space, Patodia stated that ISMOS is a one-stop solution to improve insurance penetration in the Indian insurance market with a basket of risk mitigation products with the help of in-built filters to eliminate misselling.

In this newly launched platform, customers will be able to extract a quote directly from several insurance companies on the ISMOS and buy the insurance policy of their choice, instantly without any hassle.

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