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Insurance being a necessity rather than choice

Life insurance is almost a basic need. It’s the first step in Personal Financial Planning. It fulfills different purposes for different people and can provide valuable benefits if you make your choices carefully. Like many think mistakenly, life insurance is not just for financial protection in the event of untimely death of a family breadwinner. It can also be a comprehensive wealth accumulation solution that benefits almost all.

Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, employed or a business person – you can get a plan tailor made for you.

But while everyone may need life insurance, they do not ask for it. Many believe Life Insurance is difficult to understand, the selling process is pushy or cumbersome and the benefits are not really useful. That’s why you need simple, easy to understand Life Insurance plans with real benefits at a good price, backed up by efficient service.

Taking a life insurance responsibly can help us live the life we want to and protect our family after we are not there. Without life insurance many people would be left destitute in the event of an unexpected disaster.

Besides providing for financial security in the case of one’s untimely death, it can be used to accumulate a kitty for the old age, systematically build assets for funding one’s child’s education and also for saving on taxes. (Download the report by clicking link below for full article)

Dr. P. Nandagopal
Managing Director and CEO
IndiaFirst Life Insurance Co. Ltd.



India Life Insurance 2.0 New Rules, New Game
Naveen Tahilyani and Renny Thomas are Partners in McKinsey’s & Company Ramnath Balasubramanian,
is a Junior Partner in McKinsey’s & Company; Ananya Tripathi is a Consultant in McKinsey’s & Company

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Ramnath Balasubramanian is a Junior Partner in McKinsey’s & Company
Ashish Sharma and Gourav Bhattacharya are Consultants in McKinsey’s & Company

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Harvey Lee, Programe Director, International Operation and Development, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Executive Perspective: Breaking with Tradition in the Insurance Industry: Strategies to Insure Operational
Efficiency and Future Growth

Tom Shepherd and Deb Miller, Global 360 U.K.

Financial Planning – Is it for me?
Dr. P. Nandagopal, MD & CEO, IndiaFirst Life Insurance Co. Ltd.


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