Allianz Partners returning to travel cover

Allianz Partners is returning to the travel insurance market after revamping its policies and including cover that takes account of COVID-19 border-closure risks.

A simplified platform offers some cover to those diagnosed with COVID-19 while travelling, while policyholders are entitled to a partial or full premium refund if virus-sparked border closures or mandatory quarantine shortens travel plans or causes a cancellation.

Aimee McGuinness, Chief Underwriting Officer, said, “Travel has changed dramatically since COVID-19 and we want to offer our partners and customers a better experience when they return to travelling, making it easier for them to more fully understand travel insurance in this pandemic market.”

“We’ve invested thousands of hours developing the platform to ensure it adapts to constant change – like what has been brought on by COVID-19 – with minimal disruption,” he further added.

Allianz says the online purchasing process guides customers through their decision-making using easy-to-understand language, and they have access to the product disclosure statement at any stage.

The policies cover Australians and eligible visa-holders for domestic and international trips as long as they are travelling to a country included in the Government’s travel zone arrangement.

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