Aegon says customer data possibly exposed

Aegon Life Insurance said that its website possibly exposed data of 10,000 customers. However, the company informed that it is probing into the matter. The insurer further stated that the incident was not the result of a hack and Aegon Life does not have evidence that customer information was taken. “Aegon Life Insurance, India announces that a vulnerability on their website exposed information of some Indian customers who had used web forms to get in touch with Aegon Life,” it said in a release. “Aegon Life immediately fixed the vulnerability and has informed all customers of this exposure. Aegon Life estimates that up to 10,000 customers were possibly affected.” “We will initiate an outreach program in coming days to offer guidance to affected customers and to let them know what information was exposed. At Aegon Life, data security and customer privacy are of utmost importance and we will continue to be transparent with customers as we investigate further,” the company said.

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