Adminovate Surprises with Indian Health Insurance TPA Debut

Health India TPA Services Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai), might seem a surprising first customer for Adminovate (Philadelphia), whose new-to-the-market policy administration offering forwardPAS has a pedigree in the life and annuities space.

However, Health India’s decision to use the solution to support its healthcare claims administration may be taken as an indication of depth the product’s configurability, and success at the offshore health insurance TPA would help to flesh out the offering’s functionality for domestic group insurance markets.

The debut of Adminovate’s forward PAS is not necessarily what industry observers might have expected, acknowledges Chad Hersh, a partner with New York-based research and advisory firm Novarica. Taking a built-for-the-U.S. system and exporting it does show a high degree of confidence in the configurability of the system and its multinational capabilities,he comments.More importantly, it’s a different kind of business than it was initially designed for.

Adminovate has its roots in co-founder Chris Dogget’s work as a pioneer of “rules-and-tools” policy administration systems as co-founder of AdminServer a company with an eponymous policy administration system focused on the life and annuities space, acquired by Oracle (Redwood City, Calif.) in 2008.

If they can make forwardPAS work in India it will open up a whole set of prospects for Adminovate, and being able to support health claims, and group health claims in particular, would be a huge benefit, comments Hersh.

Kamaljeet Gupta, managing director of Health India, says that Health India requires a nimble and cost-effective provider to service existing clients and support growth. In order to do so, we needed a robust system for our comprehensive processing requirements, he comments. “There is no other solution in the world today that compares to forwardPAS. Adminovate is far ahead of the competition and we are committed to be with them on every step of their journey.

Gupta couldn’t be reached to answer what about specifically distinguishes forwardPAS from the competition, and Novarica’s Hersh prefers to comment at a more general level before, he says, he’s seen the system at work in a production environment. He does offer that, The underlying technology is both new and conceptually intriguing. An Indian TPA is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate both the flexibility of the system, and whether its architecture can scale.

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