Adhering to safety norms more important than car security features: Experts

Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry’s death in a car accident has brought fresh focus to enhanced security in cars. Experts believe that following road safety measures and rules is more critical as better highways and better cars have ensured greater speed.

The moot question, according to experts, is whether having better safety features alone can ensure accident-free roads. Also, is there need for better road safety rules compliance and accountability.

“Blame it on governance and accountability. All cars have seat belts for all the seats and there is a rule to follow for people sitting at the rear seat. But, does anyone follow that?” Rohit Baluja, President, Institute of Road Traffic Education and Director College of Traffic Management told.

He said faster cars, better roads require stricter compliance with rules. For instance, he said, on faster routes too, there are hardly any penalties for heavy vehicles plying on the right or the fast lane.

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