According to government data, 71% of all traffic deaths occurred as a result of speeding last year.

In 2022, speeding was the primary cause of seven out of ten deaths on Indian roads, as the number of road fatalities reached a record 1,68,491, along with 4.4 lakh injuries, including nearly two lakh cases of grievously injured drivers.

Although driving on the wrong side of the road was the second greatest cause of death for "traffic rule violations," approximately 67,000 people died because they failed to utilise the required "safety devices," which include seat belts and helmets. According to yearly data given by the ministry of road transport and roads, wearing a helmet was a factor in almost 50,000 deaths and twice as many injuries among two-wheeler riders.

In a similar vein, not using a seat belt was associated with 16,715 fatalities and 42,300 injuries. Helmets have been referred to as the "vaccine for head injuries" by professionals in health and traffic safety.

India holds the dubious distinction of having the greatest percentage of road fatalities worldwide, accounting for approximately 11% of all deaths. However, the country's share of the vehicular population—which excludes non-motorized vehicles—was estimated to be less than 2%.

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