A cashless treatment for road accident victims: Modi


The Modi government is planning to have cashless treatment facilities in more parts of the country during the ‘golden hour’. Addressing the nation through his radio broadcast series “Mann Ki baat,” Modi said every four minutes a person is killed in a road accident. “My biggest concern is that almost one-third of those who died belonged to age group of 15-25 years”, he said while appealing to parents to create an environment for road safety in families.

He also announced that the government is going to bring a new legislation called, ‘Road Transport and Safety Bill’. In his 10th monthly address on radio, Modi also paid his respect to the Kargil martyrs. The Prime Minister efforts will be to provide the best treatment for the victim possible, regardless of whether the victim can afford it or not. He further added that the project will begin from the Gurgaon-Jaipur-Vadodra highway and later expanded to the Mumbai-Ranchi-Rangaon-Mondia national highway.


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