Whether risk management has taken a back seat admits stiff competition?

Risk management, a terminology, not an integral tool of Non-life insurers, but a global phenomenon to be adopted, accepted and followed by all and sundry.

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Need for law of insurance in globalised world

The trade and commerce across the world has expanded due to economies of scales in the present world. The export and import of goods and services among various countries are smoothly carried out due to a large number of international conventions, which have given way to almost identical local laws in some fields being enacted by different nations (e.g., Marine Insurance Act – 1908 of UK or Marine Insurance Act – 1963 India).

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The safeguards against business process re-engineering processes considering its success & failure factors

1. Business process reengineering:

There a number of definitions of business process reengineering (BPR). Klein and Manganelli in their book “The Reengineering Handbook” defines it as the “Rapid and radical redesign of strategic, value added business processes-and the systems, policies and organizational structures that support them-to optimize work flows and productivity within an organization”.

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Health Cover & Care – Predominent Parameter of Micro-insurance


Low-income households are vulnerable to risks and economic shocks. One way for the poor to protect their health is through insurance. By helping low-income households to manage their health risks, micro-insurance can assist them to maintain a sense of financial confidence even in the face of significant vulnerability.

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Bright Color Cars, Senior Citizens, Astrology & Insurance

2009 was a memorable year for the entire Insurance industry, not due to the new and stable central government or its policies, but due to two strange news items concerning insurance appeared in the press a while ago. The first news item is ‘Motor premium to depend on the color of car – brighter the color, lower the premium’. And the second one was ‘Senior citizens can now go for health cover’.

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Swiss Re scouts for life and health partners

Reinsurance giant Swiss Re is looking for an Indian partner for its proposed venture into life and health insurance . The group is also keen on developing a market for its insurance-related offerings, which include agricultural cover and capital management solutions to help companies fund their new business strain.

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