Tata AIA Life Insurance launches new brand philosophy – ‘#RakshakarankiReet’

Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited announced the launch of their new brand philosophy ‘#RakshakarankiReet’. The new brand philosophy reflects Tata AIA’s belief that protecting near and dear ones is an intrinsic trait with most Indians which is reflected in the myriad cultural customs that are followed across all regions in the country, every day of their lives. All these rituals and customs stem from the basic need of protecting our loved ones and our families.

According to a report by Swiss Re, the protection gap in India is close to 93%. Tata AIA’s primary aim is to bring as much of India under protection cover. The new brand philosophy is now being articulated through a unique, TVC-led campaign conceptualized by Tata AIA and created by FCB ULKA.

Commenting on the new brand philosophy, Mr. Bharat Kalsi, Senior Vice President – Corporate Strategy, Analytics and Marketing, Tata AIA Life Insurance said: “I am extremely happy to announce the launch of our new brand philosophy, ‘#RakshakarankiReet’. ‘Rakshakaran’ is a word born out of the spirit of being protective towards near and dear ones. ‘Raksha’ which means ‘protection’ and ‘karan’ a ‘verb’ which nudges us to act. It expresses the desire to protect one’s family at every turn. This culture of being protective is ingrained in us. It is a ‘reet’, a way of life. As a Life insurer that aims to be the ‘pre-eminent Protection provider’, we intend to reinforce this characteristic through the first campaign of our brand philosophy.”