1. Performance of Life Insurance Companies
  2. Performance of General Insurance Companies
  3. Quarterly Performance of Insurance Companies
  4. Annual Reports of IRDA
  5. Handbook on Indian Insurance Statistics
  6. Claim Development Analysis of Motor Third Party Claims
  7. Report of the Committee on Distribution Channels
  8. Report of the Committee on Health Insurance for Senior Citizens
  9. International Insurance Statistics Yearbook, OECD
  10. World Fire Statistics Centre (WFSC)
  11. World insurance in 2009

Health Insurance Data Summary

Health Macro Figures 2003-04 to 2005-06

Health 2007-08

Health 2007-08 (Additional Tables)

Health 2008-09

Health 2009-10

Health 2010-11

Health Insurance (Non-Life) Data Analysis Report 2011-12

Critical Illness Disease List

Health Inflation Report 2011,2012 on base year 2010

Health Insurance (Non-Life) Data Analysis Report_2012-13

Health Insurance (Non-Life Commercial)) Data Analysis Report_2013-14

ROHINI – Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance












Motor Insurance Data Summary Figures 

Motor Insurance Data 2005-06

Motor Insurance Data 2006-07

Motor Insurance Data 2007-08

Motor Insurance Data 2008-09

Motor Insurance Data 2009-10

Motor Insurance Data 2010-11

Motor Insurance Data 2011-12

Motor Insurance Data 2012-13