SC declares Compulsory retirement for misappropriation

The Supreme Court has declared a  compulsory retirement to an LIC cashier for misappropriating Rs.533 in 1990. In this case, a policy holder had deposited Rs.533 with the cashier towards half-yearly insurance premium in 1990 but it was not deposited with Life Insurance Corporation of India. 


When an inquiry began, the cashier deposited the amount with a back-dated entry after three months .The court agreed that no sympathy should be shown to any government employee indulging in corporation and she/he should be dismissed.


A bench of justices Vikramajit Sen and Prafulla C. Pant said misappropriation of a small amount could not be a ground for lighter punishment and any sympathy shown to the accused in such cases is against public interest. 


“The amount misappropriated may be small or large, it is the act of misappropriation that is relevant,” it said.  


“Time and again, this court has consistently held that in such matters no sympathy should be shown by the courts.” The bench said the punishment of compulsory retirement is not harsh or disproportionate to guilt in the case.