Reliance Nippon LifeBal Nivesh One Time

There’s no better gift for your child than the best start in life. Reliance Nippon Life Bal Nivesh – One Time (A non-linked, non-participating single-premium plan)

5 Reasons to buy

We always strive to add that extra bit of happiness to our loved ones lives. So, why not add an
extra layer of protection to their life by utilizing that idle money lying in your bank account or the
lupm sum you just received.

  • Pay just once
  • Plan the future with certainty
  • Enjoy guaranteed* returns on your investment
  • Escape from the hassle of tracking your premium
  • Avail tax benefits subject to prevailing tax laws

Maturity Benefit:

On survival of the Life Assured till the end of the Policy Term, provided the policy is in force, the
Guaranteed* Sum Assured on Maturity which is equal to the Base Sum Assured, will be paid to the

Death Benefits:

In unfortunate event of death of the Life Assured, provided the policy is in force as on the date of
death, Sum Assured on Death will be payable.

Sum Assured on Death is highest of:

– 10 times Single Premium,
– Absolute amount assured to be paid on Death which is equal to the Base Sum Assured,
– Guaranteed* Sum Assured on Maturity,
– Death Benefit is subject to 125% of the Single Premium paid excluding any underwriting extra premium and taxes.
– The policy will terminate on payment of the death benefit.

How this plan works

Reliance Nippon Life Bal Nivesh – One Time at a glance

Parameters Minimum Maximum
Age at entry (years) 3 35
Age at maturity (years) 18 50
Base Sum Assured (Rs.) 1,00,000 No limit
Base Premium (Rs.) 49,146 No limit
Policy Term (years) 15
Premium Payment Term (years) Single Pay

Note: All the references to age are based on age last birthday
Base Sum Assured should be in multiple of `10,000.