Actions proposed to be taken by IRDA in the Exposure Draft for Insurance Surveyors

The present system of A,B,C categorization will be replaced with standard system of: – Licentiate, Associate and Fellow as is done in other similar professional institutes. This three tier system of membership shall be based on number of years of tenure an SLA / Director / Partner has held his license continuously i.e., for a licentiate – upto 8 years, for Associate – 9-16 years, for Fellow Membership over 16 years.


It is mandatory that before a surveyor moves from one category to higher  category  he  should  undergo  a  specified  hours  of  training  mandated  by  IIISLA. The evaluation of this training will be made for necessary up-gradation from junior category to higher category. In order to ensure that the new structure is stable, the first categorization will be done on ad-hoc basis in consultation with the IRDA based on the evaluation and above stated number of years a license is in existence and having regard to the total cadre strength. Thereafter, the periodicity will be determined by the standards issued by IIISLA.

A licensed surveyor will be allowed to operate in more than presently allotted three departments subject to completion of relevant exam of III and based on their : academic/professional/technical/insurance qualifications. Notice No.4 dated 11th February’2002 about the approved Syllabus is relevant in this regard till further orders and amendments made thereto.

However, as a one time measure, SLAs who are eligible for more than three departments at the time of initial first categorization exercise, but were restricted to maximum three departments, would be permitted to opt for the categories originally allotted and communicated to them. It would be necessary that these SLAs availing one time option shall undergo a continuing education program of IIISLA within a period of three years on the additional departments they will be now allowed and furnish a certificate from IIISLA in this regard. IIISLA will prepare a syllabus for such a program and file it with the Authority before it is used.

For the purposes of up-gradation of surveyor’s categorization, it is also necessary that the IIISLA introduces a continuing evaluation and skill development training,  the period of which shall not be less than   100 hours for Licentiate, 50 hours for Associate, 25 hours for Fellow Members.

The Evaluation Committee will involve a representative of IRDA and that of the Insurance Industry. In addition, number of Seminars and Workshops to be attended shall not be less than: 5 in case of Licentiate, 8 in case of Associate, 10 in case of Fellowship.

The financial limits upto which each category of surveyor could carryout a survey were revised in the year 2003. Thereafter, further revision was effected vide circular no.26/IRDA/SUR/CIR/DEC-08 dated 22nd / 28th December’2008 to the effect that insurers may have their own internal limits in allocation of survey/ loss assessment work in terms of the policy adopted by the board of the each general insurance company.

There have been representations received from time to time on this issue for removal of the internal limits permitted to the insurers because there are huge variations in the quantum applied by different insurers which harms the interest of the consumer and the competition. Specific views are sought on this issue.