Life Insurance Resources

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Life Insurance


1. Life Insurance Industry in India – An Overview

2. Guidelines on Variable insurance Product

3. Pensions accounting

4. IRDA Annual Report 2009-10

5. Asset Liability Management in Life Insurance Industry in India

6. Actuarial Valuation of Employee Benefits under IFRS – Introduction

7. Economic Capital – Risk and Value Management

8. Post Office Life Insurance Fund

9. Lapsation in Life Insurance

10. Frequently Asked Questions – ULIP

11. Professionalism, Disciplinary matters and enforcement of compliance within UK Actuarial Profession

12. Securitisation in the life insurance industry By Anand, Anshuman, Gupta, Sonal & Gupta, Udbhav

13. Reputational and Regulatory Risk Management in Life Insurance – Bhudolia, Manoj & Pahwa, Khushwant

14. Asset Liability Management – Case of with-profit funds – Abhishek Chadha, James Joseph & Parul Bhatia

15. Developing a Takaful product in India – Risks and Challenges- Frenz,Tobias Sridharan, Madhu & Iyer, Krishna

16. Distribution of life insurance products in India and inherent risks – Gulati, Aastha, Maheshwari, Kunj Behari & Sharma, Shobhna

17. Unit Pricing- Looking to it differently – D C Khansili

18. Life Ins according to Islamic Principle -   Dieter Kroll

19. Reverse Mortgage  –  Singhal, Saket & Jain, Ami

20. Modern techniques for analysing mortality risk  –   Richard Willets

21.  Life Insurance Performance Tracker, November 2012, India