Explain the concept of Lok Adalat. Advantages of Lok Adalat Settlements from the viewpoint of insurance companies?

For the purpose of bringing  about  voluntary  settlement  of  disputes  Hon’ble  Shri  P.N.Bhagwati, the ex-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,  conceived a unique concept of Lok Adalat or Lok Nyayalaya. 

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Various conditions under fire insurance policy

There are fifteen conditions in the policy. They are:

(1)  Voidable Condition: This condition provides that the policy shall be void able in the event of misrepresentation, mis-description or non-disclosure of any material particulars. This condition emphasizes the principle of utmost good faith.

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Concept of Liability without Fault” in motor insurance? How Motor Vehicle Act deals with without fault liability?

Sec 140 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 deals with the liability without fault. The claimant involved in a motor vehicle accident is not required to prove wrongful act, neglect, or default on the part of the owner of the vehicle or by any other person.

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Various Policies issued in Aviation Insurance in India

Aircraft (Flight & Ground Risks) Policy :

The cover provided by the policy is to replace or make good accidental loss of or damage to the aircraft including standard components parts thereof, temporarily detached in con­nection with overhaul or repair while in the custody or control of the insured (unless other similar component parts have been substituted) from whatsoever cause arising whill the aircraft is in Flight and/or Taxying and/or on the Ground and/or Moored. The policy also covers legal liability to third parties (other than passengers), and also legal liability to passengers.

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Concept of Hit and Run Accident in Motor Insurance

Hit and Run Accident is a motor accident arising out of the use of a motor vehicle or motor vehicles the identity whereof cannot be ascertained in spite of reasonable efforts for the purpose. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 is a piece of social legislation and its provisions are designed to protect the rights of victims of road accidents.  In spite of the wide protection afforded by the provisions of the Act, there remain certain gaps in which the road victims may not have any remedies.

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